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A new play by Brett Neveu, received its west-coast premiere, running April 18-May 24, 2014, featuring incidental music by Jonathan Price.  Directed by Price, and performed by Anthony Backman, Bob Rusch, Paul A. Hicks, and Jeff Alan-Lee.  Produced by A Theatre Connection in association with SkyPilot Theatre.

Winner in the 2015 Valley Theater Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Alan-Lee) and Best Set Design (Mike Cernicky).

Nominated in the 2015 Valley Theater Awards for Best Production, Best Actor (Anthony Backman), and Best Review of a Play (Steven Leigh Morris).

"Cleverly staged and directed by Jonathan Price (who also composed the film noir stylized original music) this play has an almost 'Twilight Zone' flavor to it." -Lorenzo Marchessi, The Geek Authority

5 out of 5 Stars: "When director Jonathan Price brought these four superb actors together he created an utterly enjoyable presentation of Brett Neveu's quirky play." -Ron Irwin,

Recommended: "Lively pacing by director Jonathan Price gives Brett Neveu's script an extra punch." -M. Jarrett Christensen, The Tolucan Times

GO!: "As directed by Jonathan Price, it's a droll undertaking, beautifully acted..." -Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"The play kept me guessing with a surprise ending that only a good writer and seasoned director could have pulled off." -Nancy Bianconi,